Who are we ?

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Who are we ?

Our mission is to provide the best possible response to your needs, whatever your industry or stage of development.

We seek to support the entrepreneurial fabric and thereby stimulate value creation in Wallonia. This supports business growth with a view to creating lasting jobs, added value and sustainability.

We keep you up to date with major issues, such as the energy transition and the digitisation of economic activity. We offer a wide range of financial solutions.

Our experts will help you choose the best solution for your specific situation.

In figures

€1.9 billion

1.9 billion euros for 7 major holdings

€1 billion

1 billion euros is invested in investment companies, which in turn finance local SMEs

€1.2 billion

1.2 billion euros is invested as capital or loans in Wallonia's industrial and service sectors

Be a privileged partner throughout your company’s life cycle with a global and personalized approach to your needs

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