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Wallonie Entreprendre

Your partner! WE is the economic and financial tool that provides support for businesses in Wallonia.

We provide the resources required for business development in all sectors. Our investments and financing are geared towards business creation, growth, transfer and recovery. We ensure compliance with social and environmental standards. We advocate sustainable and circular economic processes.

Together, we’re creating the future of Wallonia.


Belgium raises 100 million to support technology champions ! 
Wallonie entreprendre support technology champions

Belgium raises 100 million to support technology champions ! 

Discover Euroquity
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Euroquity, the digital platform that brings together an international community of qualified investors and partners.  

The new "Wallonie Entreprendre" entity is born
Wallonie entreprendre is the new entity resulting from the merger between SOGEPA SOWALFIN SRIW

Why SOGEPA, SOWALFIN and SRIW are becoming Wallonie Entreprendre

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