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We focus on innovations and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, SaaS software, blockchain technology, medtechs or augmented reality.

We are here to help at different stages in your development, via the W.IN.G. fund, through more significant investments or by financing funds associated with these sectors.

Take advantage of the W.IN.G Fund

WE facilitates investment in digital and deep tech sectors with flexible and speedy financing solutions. Want to join the community of digital startups financed by our W.IN.G fund? Send us your project in an e-mail!

Please include the following: 

  • A slide deck 
  • A projected expenditure plan for a pre-seed round (€100,000) 
  • A financial plan if you raise a seed round (>€100,000)  
  • A financial & business plan, as well as the investment funds willing to invest in your project as part of a Series A funding round (up to a total of €2,500,000 invested by W.IN.G). 
  • Founders’ contact details (surname & forename + telephone number + email)  
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Belgium raises 100 million to support technology champions ! 
Wallonie entreprendre support technology champions

Belgium raises 100 million to support technology champions ! 

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Euroquity, the digital platform that brings together an international community of qualified investors and partners.  

The new "Wallonie Entreprendre" entity is born
Wallonie entreprendre is the new entity resulting from the merger between SOGEPA SOWALFIN SRIW

Why SOGEPA, SOWALFIN and SRIW are becoming Wallonie Entreprendre

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