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Looking for capital to develop or launch your project? Register on the Euroquity platform! You’ll be able to search for investors, talk to other members in communities and access a wealth of other useful content! 

Euroquity facilitates fundraising for innovative startups through, for example, a digital platform that brings together an international community of qualified investors and partners.  

It’s a free online service that enables companies and project leaders to meet future investors. What is its objective? To support SME growth. This international digital platform also provides visibility for companies, investors and their advisors. 

In addition to the platform’s basic functions, the EuroQuity team offers a range of fundraising-related activities: 


Are you a startup that is less than 3 years old and thinking of opening up your capital? #GOFUNDING is a programme of 5 expert-led modules designed to encourage interaction between participants. Get answers to your questions and plan your fundraising with greater peace of mind. 

A podcast to give you inspiration 

Tune in every fortnight to listen to an interview with an inspiring personality with a passion for entrepreneurship. Learn, among other things, how fundraising helped their project to grow. 

Personalised support 

Once you’ve registered on the EuroQuity platform, a member of our team will contact you. He or she will help you create your profile and make the most of the opportunities offered by the platform. 

ePitch sessions 

Present your development project to a panel of international investors! Regular ePitch sessions are organised for startups seeking funding. You’ll receive support and coaching before the session takes place. 


Webinars on a variety of topics, all presented by professional speakers, are offered several times a year. 

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The new "Wallonie Entreprendre" entity is born
Wallonie entreprendre is the new entity resulting from the merger between SOGEPA SOWALFIN SRIW

Why SOGEPA, SOWALFIN and SRIW are becoming Wallonie Entreprendre

Belgium raises 100 million to support technology champions ! 
Wallonie entreprendre support technology champions

Belgium raises 100 million to support technology champions ! 

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